Primus Construction


The construction phase is where everything comes together. Timelines will vary depending on the scope and complexity of each job, but at Primus we always follow a core set of project principles. By consistently sticking to a strict value-set, we are able to keep our clients satisfied from start to finish. We assure you that when it comes times to build, you will know exactly what’s happening. There will be no hidden surprises; keeping our clients informed and up to date is very important to us. To give you an idea of how we operate as a Cedar Rapids-based construction company, here is a brief overview of our founding principles and the on-site services we provide.

  • Integrated teamwork; our design and construction crews work together during each phase of the construction process to minimize setbacks and keep the project running smoothly. If any changes need to be made, they are responded to quickly to avoid delays.
  • Comprehensive project management; when we say we are hands-on, we mean it! We have a designated supervisor on-site at all times that manages the various subcontractors and who acts as the direct point of contact between our design team and our clients. We also hold regular job site meetings to discuss project updates. These meetings are vital from a collaboration standpoint.
  • We enforce a written safety program and make sure everyone working on site is confirming to both its and OSHA standards. Job site safety is something we take very seriously.
  • In-depth contract administration; we employ contract management best practices in all aspects of the project, from negotiation to finalization.
  • We stay in close touch with our clients concerning key areas like the project’s schedule and budget. That being said, you don’t have to worry about being left in the dark about the status of the job after the contract has been signed and once the construction phase has initiated. From beginning to end, you will be informed.

If you are in need of anything from new construction to an office remodel,  other construction companies simply cannot compete with Primus. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our unwavering dedication to providing quality building solutions.