Primus Construction


The Envision Phase: Concept Planning, Design & Budget

In the initial phase, our team meticulously evaluates your specific building and/or remodeling needs. This is accomplished over the course of multiple meetings, each of which is geared towards setting clear project goals and objectives. To give you all that we have to offer, we need to know as much as possible about your wants, needs and expectations. We feel it is important to stress early-on the difference between your “must haves” and your “wish list.” The end goal of the envision phase is to establish project priorities and find out how to make these a reality in the most practical and cost-effective way possible. Thus, the objectives of the envision phase include:

  • Understanding what you are looking for
  • Brainstorming the ideas and options for implementing the end goals of the project
  • Coming up with 1-2 feasible options that our team can then evaluate
  • Establishing a foundational project base that will minimize any potential surprises and setbacks