Primus Construction

Why Primus?

Primus is versatile and efficient

Although our firm is smaller in comparison to others in the area, there is no doubting our capabilities.  Our happy customers and robust portfolio of projects testify to this.. When you choose Primus, you get the benefits of a company that functions like a large corporation but none of the trappings that come along with it. Less corporate layers means better connection throughout the project and allows us to be responsive to your needs and questions. Our streamlined  and agile team allows us to get more done in less time. Although it may be tempting to take on more work in order to increase sales, we understand the risks of doing so (i.e. getting backlogged with projects and thus falling behind on existing client deadlines). At Primus, we hold the value of our customer’s happiness close to our hearts. In our line of work, this is only achieved by consistently hitting the mark and being always responsive to you, our customer.

Our team works together flawlessly

Another great thing about working with Primus is that communication between project team members is ongoing and effective . For example our designers are in constant contact with our construction team during the planning phase of your project.  This allows for healthy discussion about the pros and cons of using different systems, materials and finishes.  Ultimately you decide what’s right for your project, and our internal teamwork equips you the make the best decision for your project.  By having clear and healthy discourse, our clients are able to get the best “bang for their buck,” and who doesn’t like that?

We help you strike the perfect balance between your wants and needs

We find that one of the hardest parts about construction projects is coming up with a solution that delivers creative, effective and efficient results AND stays within your budget. At Primus, we know that you want to have all your wish-list items included, but we also know that sometimes this is not always the practical. In order to strike this delicate balance, our team will help you prioritize your desires and focus only on the ones that matter most. Getting everyone to agree (i.e. project stakeholders and decision makers) is not always easy.  But by identifying how you or your group will be making these decisions we can help you develop a solution that works best for you without unnecessary compromise.  The end result: a building solution that meets or exceeds your expectations without breaking the bank!

We look forward to learning more about you and your needs and discovering if a partnership with Primus will work best for you and your project.