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Questions to ask before beginning your building project.

What is design/build?

Also known as single-source responsibility or turnkey building, design/build is a project delivery method in which the owner enters into a single contract for design and construction services. As a single-source solution company, Primus is able to handle every aspect of your project.

Why do you have in-house design services?

As a true design/build firm, Primus maintains a full-time in-house design staff. Our in-house design allows for a more streamlined design and material selection process, and gives us a high degree of control over the project design phase.

What are the various phases of the construction process?

That depends on the type of project, but typically the design and construction process can broken down into three phases: Schematic Plans and Pricing, Design/Development, and Construction Document/Final Pricing. With each step of the process your project is taken to a greater level of detail, allowing the project scope and price to be refined along the way. For a more detailed look at this process, please visit the Process page.

Can Primus help with financing my project?

Yes. We have strong relationships with a number of lending institutions and are able to coordinate the financing for your project. Or, if you prefer to arrange for your own financing, that is fine as well.

Additional considerations.

What exactly do we need?

Perhaps you already know the answer to this question. But for most people, when it comes to knowing exactly  what their project needs are, the question is more difficult to answer. We suggest you begin by listing the reasons your organization is considering a construction project. Maybe your business has doubled in size the past year, and you anticipate the growth to continue.  Maybe your current office space is out of date and you are considering upgrading. Whatever the case, we recommend you begin by writing out the reasons you are considering a building project. This will help clarify what you'd like to accomplish moving forward.

Where would we like to be located?

If you are considering a remodeling or expansion project, then the answer to this question is an easy one. If you are looking for a new location, perhaps you already have one in mind. If not, consider all of the possible implications of any new location. For instance, would it be wise for your business to build an office in Marion if 90% of your customers are located downtown? Is there another location that makes more strategic sense and would generate more traffic?

What is the best use of our existing or new space? What is the best layout to maximize operational efficiency? What floor plan best suits your work life?

These questions need to be considered when beginning a building project. Your business needs to utilize your space wisely, and, in many cases be designed to grow as your business does.

If you have ideas about how to best reconfigure you existing space, jot those down or create a simple sketch. Write down what departments should logically be located near one another, and how the operational pieces of the puzzle should fit together for your organization. Be sure to give this some thought, as your ideas will serve as the starting point for your project's design.

The Primus design/build process is structured to help you determine the best solutions to these and other questions related to your project. We have years of experience in helping thousands of satisfied customers find answers to their questions, big or small.

For more information on our design/build process or to begin a conversation about your project please contact:

Jason Drewelow
Vice President of Business Development